2½ Liter Flint 38-439 4x U.N. certified Y rated 4H1/Y 23 EPS All Foam Package, Fully Encapsulated Bottles. No exterior corrugate carton. This package meets Nitric Acid shipping requirements.

  • Flint (Clear)
  • Narrow Mouth
  • Continuous Thread With "Pour-out" Fitment On The Finish
  • Four Jugs Per Case
  • The Foam Overpack Encapsulates The Bottles with Easy-Carry Hand-Holds
  • Repack With Caps Available Photo Shows A Paper Cap Dust Cover, But Not The Cap Needed For The U/N Rating
  • PVC Shatter-Containment Coating Available
  • U/N Rating: 4H1/ Y23 / S / **
  • Common Uses: Nitric Acid Shipper Pack, Chemicals, Reagents, Solvents, Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory / Analytical Testing

Code: A02080FCF – Uncoated Glass

Code: A02080FCFC – Coated Glass

2 2 and a half liter Flint 4X